Tunes 12 has made Windows Registry changes that our software uses to detect if iTunes was installed. We have a “batch” file that will correct the Registry settings, and our software will then recognize iTunes again. Please save the attached ZIP file to your Desktop. Open the ZIP file and drag the included applian_itunes_import_fix.bat file to your Desktop. Right-click on the applian_itunes_import_fix.bat file and choose “Run as administrator”. A Windows command prompt will appear. Press a key when prompted.

If you see an “ERROR: Acces is denied.” message, then you are not running as Administrator. Please repeat the instructions above, making sure that the batch file is on your Desktop.

Once finished, make sure to restart our Jaksta software, and you should regain the ability to import compatible media into iTunes.

Note-with the version 8 of our program this should not be necessary. Just make sure you are using the latest version of 8.