First verify that the automatic tagging option is selected in Replay Music's settings (output tab).

Replay Music needs to hear the entire song in order to identify the track. So, please make sure that Replay Music can hear the entire song and that it is being played from a good clean source with ample silence broadcasted between tracks. Also, keep in mind that newly released albums may not yet be in the music database and therefore may tag as unrecognized. Replay Music uses a song recognition database to determine the artist and title of each song. Every effort is made to make this database as complete as possible, but sometimes a song isn't yet listed.

For best recognition, make sure that the splitting settings are set to their defaults. In settings, go to the splitting tab and click the use defaults button.

Occassionally a track will tag a track as unrecognized. However, you can give Replay Music another chance to tag unrecognized tracks.

To query the music database and attempt to tag a track again:

  1. If the track was from a previous recording session, Replay Music can import it into the track list. Right-click on the main window and select import mp3 files. Or, you can open a previously saved session from the start recording button and select open recording session then click ok.
  2. Once the track that you want to tag is listed in the main window, right-click on it and select Tag Track. If the track is recognizable Replay Music will tag it. Keep in mind that newly released albums may not yet be in the music database.

Giving Firewall Permissions to Replay Music:

Although most software firewall programs will automatically prompt you to give exceptions to Replay Music, some may require manual configuration. Make sure your firewall software is not blocking Replay Music. To troubleshoot, try temporarily disabling your firewall and see if that corrects the problem.

We've also seen this problem with some programs that filter Web traffic. Internet Download Manager is one, and the Automatic Upgrade for HP Printers is another. If you temporarily unload this type of program, you may see the issue fixed.